Biografi of Bunga Citra Lestari

Saturday, May 9, 2009

First Love Song ( Sunny) representing FIRST soundtrack LOVE film make the name of popular Everlasting Image Flower progressively. this Creation Dewiq song make the Bunga dream become the form singer. More than anything else after its his maiden solo album is sold by 75 thousand copy of only during two week.

To Bunga, non easy matter reach for dream as singer at the same time player sinetron. Putri of Couple of Muchlis Rusli and this Emmy Syarif have to sacrifice many matter to till the its solo album, including gathering bareng family.

More addressed by chummy Cewek of This Unge express his serious as singer, and slap down the opportunist ascription, considering x'self more knowledgeable as adolescent player sinetron than a singer. just Mention some its role [in] sinetron of AGE OF PUBERTY HUM, FROM TEMEN BECOME THE DEMEN, ABG, LIVER CUSTODIAN, making cewek which like to impose the tank top and this pants hipster more and more recognized by public.

Unge as singer also make proper the thumb, its section to sharpen to process its vowel, cewek which still noted by as coed of this Trisakti Management majors decide to exercise the vowel by Elfa is Secioria of before entering record kitchen, and make its vowel is really matured.

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